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Camouflage Makeup

Camouflage Makeup
ARTDECO Cosmetics
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Makeup artists all swear by camouflage makeup for its versatility. Thanks to its high concentration of colour pigments, you can create all sorts of makeup looks with camouflage, with coverage varying from light to strong.  

In our camouflage makeup tips, we show you how to apply camouflage makeup like a pro. 

Light finish 

how to use camouflage makeup for a light finish

If you’re looking for lighter coverage, pick up the camouflage makeup directly from the pan with a makeup brush.  

Strong coverage 

how to use camouflage makeup for strong coverage

Scoop some camouflage makeup out of the pan with the camouflage spatula and spread it on the back on your hand to warm it up slightly. This gives it a silky texture. Next, pick up the pigments from the back of your hand with a makeup brush. 

Expert tip 

Camouflage makeup is made of waxes and intense colour pigments. When it comes to getting different types of coverage, a general rule is that camouflage with a firmer texture will leave you with a lighter finish, since you pick up fewer colour pigments on the brush. The softer the texture, the more intense the coverage will be.

How to 

Step 1: Applying camouflage 

woman brushing makeup onto cheek

Apply the camouflage makeup evenly with a makeup brush, starting at the middle of your face and working your way outwards. 

Step 2: Fixing your makeup 

woman fixing her makeup with powder

To get waterproof camouflage makeup, apply a generous amount of fixing powder with a powder brush. After 10 minutes, remove any excess powder. 

ARTDECO Cosmetics
Writer and expert
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